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Corporate Social Responsibility

KOMOS GROUP Agricultural Holding sees corporate charity not only as the manifestation of the corporate culture but also as the form of social interaction with the society. The collaboration with the central and local authorities and the members of the general public allows for our effective implementation of charitable and social programs in four regions of the Holding’s presence: Udmurt Republic, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, and Perm Kray.

The core areas of the Company’s activities in the field of social responsibility include:

  • Support of all types of sports to form physically healthy nation and promote healthy lifestyle.

    The Agricultural Holding pays great attention to the revival of women’s volleyball in the Udmurt Republic. The Company has been the sponsor of the women’s team “Italmas–ISTU” for a number of years. KOMOS GROUP LLC is also a regular sponsor of the republican festival of health tourism “Krugosvetka of Udmurtia”, interacts with the Airsoft Federation of the Udmurt Republic, Badminton Federation of the Udmurt Republic and other sports organizations.

  • Support of secondary vocational and higher educational institutions with a view to creating conditions for occupational guidance and creative self-expression of the youth.

    The Company intensively cooperates with secondary vocational and higher educational institutions of the Udmirt Republic, Perm Kray and the Republic of Tatarstan – Sarapul Industrial Technical School, Izhevsk Vocational School of Economics and Trade, Perm State Agro-Technological University named after Academician D.N. Pryanishnikov, Kazan State Academy of Veterinary Medicine named after N. E. Bauman, etc. and focuses on the support of the vocational technical training with a view to providing its enterprises with skilled staff.

  • Support of military-patriotic education of young people and preservation of the historical memory of generations.

    Since 2014 KOMOS GROUP has been partner of “KaDetstvo” project being implemented in the Volga Federal District. The Company provides funding for the construction of the bedroom building for 300 beds of the Udmurt Cadet Corps named after V. Starikov (Votkinsk). The overall cost amounted to 108 million rubles. In addition, starting from 2016 the Company on an annual basis transfers 10 million rubles for the needs of the educational institution.
    Since 2013, the Company has been implementing the corporate program “The Living Eternally Owe to the Fallen” in the territory of the Udmurt Republic and Perm Kray. Over the period of the program implementation 15 memorials for the overall amount of 20.5 million rubles have been reconstructed.

  • Revival of spirituality and Orthodox values.

    Varaksino Poultry Farm annually donates eggs to orthodox churches and social institutions before Easter. Over 5 years of action – since 2015 – over 510 thousand eggs have been donated to charity.

  • Support of cultural and sociocultural projects, as well as national self-definition of native people.

    The Agricultural Holding provides a regular support to the Government of the Udmurt Republic in organizing the national Udmurt festival Gerber in Moscow.
    Since 2016, KOMOS GROUP LLC has been an official sponsor of the National Theater of Opera and Ballet named after Tchaikovsky, allocating funds for costumes and scenery for bright performances.
    On the initiative of the management of the Agricultural Holding the social action “First-Class Ice-Cream” has been implemented since 2016, during which an ice-cream of by Perm Cold Store Complex “Sozvezdie” OJSC is given to first-grade schoolchildren in the Udmurt Republic.

  • Formation of comfortable urban milieu.

    The Company takes part in the creation of comfortable urban milieu for the citizens in the regions of presence. For this purpose the Holding allocates money for the improvement of stadiums, parks, yards, and installation of children’s sports and playgrounds, gymnastic and street equipment for workout.

  • Support of vulnerable groups of people.

    The Company provides a regular charitable support to the educatees of the social and rehabilitation center for the underage of the Kiyasovo District and Sokolovskaya Residential School in the Sarapul District. For these children the Company carries out the action “True Miracle”. Two years ago the Agricultural Holding joined the charity action “New Years’ Tree for Everyone” to support disabled children. The Agricultural Holding staff does not neglect the lonely elderly people living in the Home for Elderly People in Olenye Boloto village and residents of residential home “Miloserdie” in Uralsky settlement, Sarapul District.


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